Saudi Government Ministries

Diwan of King Abdulllah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud
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Diwan of H.R.H. Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
The Crown Prince, Prime Minister
Minister of Defense and Aviation
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Saudi Council of Ministers
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Ministry Duties

Ministry of Agriculture

Airport Road, Riyadh 11195
Tel: 401-6666
Fax: 403-1415
Tel: (Jeddah) 12 687 6022  


The function of the Ministry of Agriculture is to implement government economic plans and programs concerned with agriculture in the Kingdom. This Ministry is also responsible for animal resources, fisheries, grain silos and locust control. The Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for the implementation of all aspects of the Kingdom's agricultural policy. The Ministry takes direct responsibility for irrigation and drainage projects if they are beyond the means of local farming communities and, through the Arable Land Distribution Scheme, identifies land suitable for reclamation and allocation to Saudi citizens for agricultural applications.

Ministry of Civil Service

Washem Street,
P. O. Box 18367, Riyadh 11114
Tel: 011-4026666
Fax: 011-4056258


Ministry established in 1999, with Dr Muhammad bin Ali Al-Fayez as its first Minister. It is the function of the Ministry to plan the civil manpower required in the government sector and to ensure that the competence of civil servants matches the requirements of the Kingdom as it implements its various development programs.

Ministry of Commerce

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11162
P.O.Box 1774
Tel: 401-2220/401-4708
Fax: 403-8421
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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry was established in 2003 in the government reorganisation and is responsible for all aspects of commercial and industrial activity in the Kingdom.

Ministry of Communication & and Information Technology
Airport Rd., Riyadh 11178
Tel: 011-452-2222
Fax: 011-452-2220
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The size of the Kingdom and the implementation of its ambitious development program necessitated the creation of a highly efficient postal and telecommunications system. The Ministry of Post, Telegraphs and Telephones was established in 1976 (1396 AH), taking over responsibility for post and telecommunication from the older Ministry of Communications. The new Ministry immediately set about creating the highly sophisticated telecommunications service which all those in the Kingdom (government, industry, commerce and the public) now enjoy. One of the key tasks of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is the supervision of the activities of communications and information technology sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ensuring the comprehensiveness of the sector and its spread as vital services that contribute in the socio-economic development and consequently in the development and prosperity of the homeland and citizens

Ministry of Defense and Aviation

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11165
Tel: 011-478-5900/477-7313
Fax: 011-401-1336

Economic Offset Secretariat
Ministry of Defense and Aviation

P.O.Box 27040, Riyadh 11417
Tel: 478-4145
Fax: 478-4123




The Ministry of Defense and Aviation is responsible for the Kingdom's Army, Navy and Air Force. The Ministry also has responsibility for the construction of civilian airports (as well as military bases), and for meteorology.

Ministry of Education

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11148
Tel: 011-404-2888/404-6666
Fax: 401-2365



The Ministry of Education is responsible for the provision of free general education in primary, intermediate and secondary schools, and the establishment of educational services for the handicapped. It also has a responsibility for antiquities and museums. From the very formation of the Kingdom, education was seen to be of primary importance. One of the first acts of King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud) was to convene an educational gathering in the Holy City of Makkah with a view to initiating the promotion and establishment of educational resources throughout the land. The Ministry of Education continues this tradition of emphasis on the importance of education begun by the Kingdom's founder.
Ministry of Finance

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11177
Tel: 405-0000/405-0080
Fax: 405-9202



The function of the Ministry of Finance is to manage all government finance, including the budgeting and expenditure of all ministries and government agencies, and to control national economic growth. Its responsibilities include the administration of Zakat, income tax and customs duties.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: H. R. H. Prince Saud Al-Faisal Bin
Abdul Aziz Al-Saud
Nasseriya St., Riyadh 11124
Tel: 406-7777/441-6836
Fax: 403-0159



Political, cultural, and financial international relations. Monitors diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the outside world.
Ministry of Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Omar bin Al-Khatib St., Riyadh 11183
Tel: 402-2200/402-2212
Fax: 402-2555



The Ministry of Hajj is responsible for the provision of facilities for the visit of pilgrims to the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah and to other holy places within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Ministry is also responsible for the building and maintenance of Mosques throughout the Kingdom, as well as the administration of land held by religious trust. Conscious of the commitment of the Government of the Guardian of the Holy Mosques to provide every assistance and convenience for the pilgrims on Hajj, the Ministry of Hajj spared no effort to ensure that the Kingdom is able to offer the best services to all pilgrims to God's Sanctuary, from the moment of their arrival in, until their departure from, the Holy Lands.
Ministry of Health

Airport Rd., Riyadh 11176
Tel: 401-2220/401-2392
Fax: 402-9876



The Ministry of Health, originally a government department but given full Ministry status in 1950 (1370 AH), is responsible for the supervision of health care and hospitals in both the public and private sectors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Ministry of Higher Education

King Faisal Hospital St., Riyadh 11153
Tel: 464-4444
Fax: 441-9004



The Ministry of Higher Education is responsible for all universities and institutes of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the sound and complete understanding of Islam, inculcating and disseminating the Islamic faith and promulgating Islamic values, instruction and ideals to students, as well as enabling them to acquire different aspects of knowledge and skills, developing constructive behavioral trends, reforming society economically, socially and culturally, and preparing individuals for a useful and constructive role in society. Based on this policy, the aims of higher education in the Kingdom represent Islamic principles and values, while ensuring and complementing the general aims of the comprehensive development plan.

Ministry of Interior


P.O.Box 2993, Riyadh 11134
Tel: 401-1944
Fax: 403-1185

Directorate General of Passports



The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for all aspects of government related to security and the protection of human life and property. Within its jurisdiction fall Public Security, Civil Defense, the Fire Service, the Police, the Passports Division and the Special Security and Investigation Forces. The Ministry of the Interior has as a prime responsibility the maintenance of the Kingdom's laws, based on Islam, and one of its functions is to carry out sentences passed on offenders by the courts. It is especially noteworthy that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the first state to be governed entirely according to Islamic law.
Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments Da'wah and Guidance Riyadh 11232
Tel: 1 473 0401
Fax: 1 477 2938


The Ministry is responsible for Islamic affairs other than the Hajj. Included in its remit are the building and maintenance of Mosques throughout the Kingdom, as well as the administration of land held by religious trust.

Ministry of Justice

University St., Riyadh 11137
Tel: 405-7777/405-5399



The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the administration of Shari'ah Law and the provision of legal services for all Saudi citizens..
Ministry of Labor

Omar bin Al-Khattab St., Riyadh 11157
Tel: 477-1480/478-7166
Fax: 477-7336



The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs is concerned with the development and use of the Kingdom's human resources. It is responsible for manpower planning, labor relations and the general monitoring of all matters relating to employment affairs. This Ministry is also tasked to deal with labor disputes, employment in the private sector and labor visas. Labor relations, manpower planning and general monitoring of employment situation. Labor permits and work visas, labor disputes, inspection, health and safety. Provisions of vocational and on-job training for handicapped. Social development and reform. Presidency for Youth and Welfare, Saudi Red Crescent Society and Social Security.
Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs

Nassiriya St., Riyadh 11136
Tel: 441-5434


The Ministry for Municipal and Rural Affairs, which was established in 1975 (1395 AH), is responsible for the administration of the municipalities throughout the Kingdom. Its primary functions include city and town planning, and the development and maintenance of the basic infrastructure, such as roads, town cleaning and hygiene.

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

P.O.Box 757, Airport Rd., Riyadh 11189
Tel: 478-1661/478-1133
Fax: 479-3596


The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources is responsible for the administration, development and exploitation of the Kingdom's oil, gas and mineral resources. In discharging its wide responsibilities, the Ministry works in conjunction with Petromin, the General Petroleum and Mineral Organization.
Ministry of Transport Airport Road, Riyadh 11178
Tel: 011-404-2928 / 404-3000
Fax: 011 403 1401
Jeddah Tel: 012-665-1511


The function of this Ministry (formerly Ministry of Communications) is to undertake the design, building and maintenance of the Kingdom's network of roads. The Ministry is also responsible for the co-ordination of all surface transport, including bus services and railways. In keeping pace with the progress achieved in other sectors in the Kingdom, the transportation sector has witnessed amazing changes during the last few decades. As the material resources of the Kingdom have grown in recent years, the role of transportation has continued to expand. This sector has played a key role in the overall development of the Kingdom's economy and has had a significant impact on the lives of the Kingdom's citizens.

Ministry of Water and Electricity Airport Road, Riyadh 11195
Tel: 011-401-6666
Fax: 011-403-1415
Jeddah Tel: 012-687-6022


In July, 2001, it was announced that a new Ministry was to be established to take charge of the Kingdom's water affairs. The Ministry of Water embraces all water-related departments at what was the Ministry of Agriculture and Water (now the Ministry of Agriculture), the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and other government agencies which previously had responsibility for water. The Ministry of Water also has responsibility for water and sewage discharge affairs. The Ministry is to prepare a comprehensive plan to establish water and sewage networks all over the Kingdom. It will also develop the country’s water policies and propose new regulations to preserve water. The Ministry will conduct a study on water tariffs for all groups of beneficiaries and set out a plan to ensure effective collection of water revenues. It will also license digging of wells and determine their depths. The Ministry will work out a suitable framework for private investment in the sector, covering financing, implementation, operation and maintenance of water projects.

General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW)


Amongst the wide range of major development activities undertaken by the government, the interests and well-being of the young has not been ignored. The Kingdom is well aware that the youth of today are the men and women of tomorrow and that, since any country's greatest wealth is its people, every care must be taken to provide the young with the means of self-development, physical as well as mental. The General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYW) has sponsored a range of cultural activities. These have included arts and crafts, and literary, drama and folklore clubs. The General Presidency of Youth Welfare has played an active role in national and international cultural events, including arts exhibitions, calligraphy and poetry and essay competitions. In addition, the GPYW has played a major role in the Kingdom's sporting life. In this way, the organization has been able to offer the young people of the Kingdom the opportunity to develop their artistic talents to the full.