General Administration of Visa

General Administration of Visa Control

General Administration of Visas is the concerned department with the consulate section, linking between the granted entities for visas and the representations abroad with others which authorize the representative consulates of visas (either for work or residence or visit) after the completion of the procedures and finalizing the required conditions of both the governmental and private sectors.

As recognition from Foreign Ministry to the transitional stage which economy in the Kingdom witnesses and to facilitate the entry of business men and investors, the consulates of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques were previously informed to comply with the following:

1 – Granting an entry commercial visa to all representatives of companies and establishments, business men and investors to their Saudi counters, including the contracted representatives of companies or investing in the Kingdom after the consulates notes the evidence of contract and investment.

2 – Granting the representatives of establishments, foreign business men which the Union and Councils of commercial and industrial chambers in those accredited countries request to apply for those visas, and they invitation letter from the concerned chamber of commerce and industry wishing to visit the country for the purpose of seeking investment opportunities or studying the Saudi market and there are no commercial relations with Saudi establishments or companies to apply for visas.

3 – The commercial visas are granted from the Kingdom's representations directly without an invitation addressed from a Saudi entity to the known business men and investors and the companies representatives.

4 – Commercial visit applications coming by fax from Saudi companies and establishments are accepted for business men and investors, provided that they are certified from the Saudi chambers of commerce and industry.

The governmental companies such as the Saudi Airlines, ARAMCO and the companies in which countries own 50% of capital like SABIC, they do not need to certify the application from the chamber of commerce.

5 – Visa is issued for business men and investors of nationalities which the Kingdom has no representatives in their countries from the neighboring Kingdom's representatives after making sure of their commercial business provided that they have support letters from the chamber of commerce in their countries or a memo from the embassy of their country showing the commercial business.

6 – Non resident of foreign business men and investors are granted the visa based on the invitation from a Saudi company or establishment or from the chambers of commerce and industry and a letter from the embassy of his Country which confirms his commercial business. This principal is that the business men and investors obtain the visas from their countries or in which they have permanent residence.

7-Visa for business women is effected from inside through submitting application from the Saudi companies to this ministry or any of its branches. Visa can be obtained to business women and their husbands from any Kingdom's consulate directly.

8 – The wife of business man or the representative of company or establishment can be granted a visa to accompany her husband after making sure of marriage relations.

9–The referred instruction are not applied on persons who have Professional business such as the technicians, craftsmen, engineers, Teachers, university professors, lawyers, computer rogrammers, mechanics and doctors who have commercial business, which Saudi companies and establishments apply for the purpose of effecting temporarily business against a wage. Those who wish to enter such category at the present time shall apply to Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any of its branches.

10-Visa for those who participate in commercial exhibitions in the Kingdom which they licensed from Ministry of commerce, it is effected inside as per the data which the Saudi companies organizing those commercial exhibitions to Ministry of commerce and industry.

It is referred to Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the Kingdom's concerned consulates.

10-Visa to Doctors which the hospitals apply for visit visa is effected from inside after submitting a letter from Ministry of Health supporting the entry of such doctor.

12- Visa for those who are working in the field of mass media to cover some occasions is effected from inside the Kingdom (Ministry or any branch) after submitting a support letter from Ministry of Information.

13-Term of commercial Visa at the consulates is one month. If there is a conviction, the commercial visit can be issued for more than one month and for three months as maximum.

14- The commercial multiple visas are issued to business men and investors not more than six months and residence for one month in each time, only for people who have frequent emergencies and at near times for companies and establishments working in the Kingdom and the contracting companies / investors.

15-The informative instructions to all consulates are issue the required visa within 24 hours.

16- Upon application of these procedures, the following is required:-

a- The visa applicant should have a valid passport fro at least six months and he should have a traveling ticket to return to his country or to a third country.

b- He should bring a letter from the company in which he is working clarifying his commercial business and the purpose of his visit, period, name of company or establishment he is going to visit.

17- The Kingdom's consulates accept the commercial visit applications and they will be returned to its source by the same way. Kinds of Visas which the administration executes

First: Work Visas:

Visas Fees should be paid immediately after issuance from the granted entity i.e. SR.2000 for each visa.

He ought to contact the Ministry after 15 days as of its issuance from the granted entity to send the visa/s to the consulate abroad.

He must contact the concerned entity or on his behalf vide the legitimate attorney ship or the official authorization with the origin or recruitment permission and the collection orders after payment, each nationality is in separate under a form from the granted entity showing the nationality, number of manpower in one separate collection order.

The administration will issue the visa and stamp it after the contact of the beneficiary or his representative in this administration.

Validity of visa after its issuance is two years as of its issuance from the granted entity.

Second: Visas of Iqama (Residence Permit):

As for residents wishing to recruit their families (their wives and sons), or any of their relatives for residence, he has to pay SR.2000 for one permission regardless number of visas.

Contacting this administration should be after 15 days as of its issuance from the issuance entity. Regarding the resident employees in the government sector, they are exempted from paying the fees.

They have to contact accompanying the origin of recruitment permission issued by the granted entity together with a copy of his Iqama (residence permit), which proves that he is working with the government sector and that he should bring an identification certificate from his work to prove that he is still on duty.

Then, the administration will authorize the consulate to issue the visa.

Validity after its issuance is one year as of its issuance from the granted entity vide the origin of the collection order or the origin of recruitment permission concerning the government employees who are exempted from paying the fees.

Third: Visit Visas:

Contact this administration should be after one week as of its issuance from the granted entity vide the origin of visit permission issued by the granted entity to contact the consulate after stamp within a period not exceeding for three months.

Fourth: Refund of visa fees:

If the paid visa beneficiaries have not contacted this administration within three months of their issuance they will be considered as invalid.

The beneficiary or his representative can obtain the refund through presentation of a non used certificate to the financial administration in this ministry to refund the visa fees.

To obtain this certificate, he/she should submit the following documents:-

1- The original or copy of collection order certified by the Bank in which he has paid the fees.

2- A copy of civil affairs ID for the visa beneficiary.

3- File

As for the requested documents for companies and establishments, they are the same as the above mentioned conditions in addition to the following:-

1 – A copy of valid Zakat and income certificate.

2 – A copy of valid commercial registration

As for the visas which were issued a year ago under the old fee of SR.1000, or two years for the visas issued according the new fees of SR.2000.

If the concerned visa applicant did not obtain the visa then he has to contact the financial administration in this Ministry with the original of collection order or a copy of a certified copy from the Bank in which he paid together with the other above mentioned documents

Fifth: Amendment and Correction:

On issuance or amendment the visa/s from the granted entity, he has to contact this administration after one week as of the issuance date of the reference slip by which he can obtain it with the amendment on the origin of recruitment permission if it is not issued previously and not sent to the consulate. The visa is issued after payment of fees on the account of the requested entity for amendment.

Sixth: Extension of the Exit-Reentry Visa

Regarding the manpower, the maximum limit for their stay outside the Kingdom is Seven months from the departure date on condition that:-

1- The Iqama (residence permit) is valid while being outside the Kingdom.

2- Present a letter from the principal sponsor to the consulate department in the Kingdom’s Mission to be certified from the chamber of commerce or any governmental entity and the certification of this Ministry.

3- Present a Print-out from the Passport Computer clarifying all information about the person who is granted the exit – reentry visa. As for students and their mothers, the maximum limit for their stay outside the Kingdom is one year from the departure date, on the following conditions:-

1 – Their Iqama (residence permit) is valid.

2 - Present an evidence to prove that the sons are studying in the resident country.

3- Present a Print-out from the Passport Computer.

4- A letter from their Sponsor Guardian addressed to the head of the consulate department abroad and it should be certified from the official authorities in the Kingdom.

What is new in the Administration?

Recently, contacts have been made between the recruitment affairs and the Visas General Administra0tion, and it can be referred automatically which participated in saving time and overcome the duplication between the concerned authorities, and avoid the errors caused by the frequency of procedures.